Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some new gents in the store

Hey all!

I'm excited to introduce some new men to the MayzyArt shop today!  They are all available individually or in the great new Bunch of Blokes five pack for only $10!

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Scanner = New Stamps!

Big News!

I got a new scanner and that means that new stamps are coming!

We have one fresh face in the shop now and more will be rolling out in the next few days.  Who's excited?

And don't forget to use the new review system!  I'm still offering a free stamp for your first three reviews!  See the previous blog post for more details.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sale and Reviews!

Hello Everyone!

Summer is on its way!  Unless you're here in Phoenix where it's nearly 100 degrees and seems to be fully summer already.  Either way, I've put some of my favorite summery stamps up for 20% off to welcome the warm weather.  Check it out while the sale lasts!

Also!  I've added Reviews to the website!  You can now comment on your favorite stamps.  In order to build up a nice review-base, I'm offering one free stamp if you leave three stamp reviews!  I can only offer one coupon per customer, but please feel free to review as many stamps as you'd like.  Be sure to include your email address so I can send your coupon and please allow up to 48 hours to receive your coupon.

Happy reviewing!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Discontinuation Sale!

Hey Everyone!

Big announcement time!  The Crazy Mayzy line of stamps are being discontinued to make room for new merchandise! (wait, what?)

As such, all four stamp packs are currently on SALE!

Get five fun, silly stamps, now for only $3 per pack!

But you had better hurry, because when February is over, all four of these packs will be gone forever!

Check out the sale HERE!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Four New Stamps in the Shop!

Happy Halloween Guys and Ghouls!

First an apology for anyone who tried to use the Halloween discount code today!  I thought it was set up THROUGH the 31st, but apparently it thought it was set up UNTIL the 31st!  The good news is that I've extended the sale ANOTHER WEEK!

Remember those discount codes:

TRICK - 15% off your purchase
TREAT - 30% off purchases of $20 or more

And to make the most of those discounts, check out the new additions to the shop...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Stamps in the Shop!

Hey Everyone,

After a long hiatus, we have two new stamps in the shop!  Look for more in the coming days as I wrestle with my computer and make it obey. o_o

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah!  It's Pom Pom Penny!

Everyone is a bit of a princess deep down, right?  Particularly Blanca.

And remember, you still have time to take advantage of the Halloween sale!

Take your pick of one of two discount codes!

TRICK - 15% off your order!
TREAT - 30% off any order over $20!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Sale!

Hey Guys and Ghouls!

Halloween is coming up and in honor of my favorite goblin-infested holiday, we're having a sale!

Take your pick of one of two discount codes!

TRICK - 15% off your order!
TREAT - 30% off any order over $20!

Discounts are valid through the end of October.

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


You guys are all so awesomely supportive I've decided to have a sale to thank you!

Now through 3/10, use the code THIRTY for 30% off your purchase at mayzyart.com!


Hey Everyone,

I'm afraid that I have some news that I am sad to post.

I have done some soul-searching and have concluded that the best thing for me to do right now is to continue my education to get into a field that is a better fit for me.

This does NOT mean that I will be closing MayzyArt.com!  The shop will keep running and I will keep uploading new stamps, though they may be even more sporadic than they have been before.

Because I am still working full time and need to devote pretty much the rest of my free-time to study, I am discontinuing the MayzyArt Challenges until further notice.  I hope to bring them back someday, and I will continue to sponsor other challenges, but for now I just don't have time to maintain them.

When I have time, we'll still do fun games and have other ways to win stamps, I promise, so keep watching!

I hope that you all support me in this.  It was a very scary decision, but it feels right to me.  If you'd like to learn more about my decision and track my progress, check out my personal blog here: http://mayzyrambles.blogspot.com/

Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

MayzyArt Challenge #019

Hey Y'all!

First I will announce the winners from the last challenge.  The new challenge will follow.  Please read on!  :o)

Sweets Winners

First Place

Grand Prize

Challenge 019
Polka Dots

As always, the challenge is ANYTHING GOES, but with bonus points for using the theme.  This time we're playing with polka dots!

Rules Reminder:

-The MayzyArt Challenge is open to anyone!  Entries can by Anything Goes, but extra points are awarded for using the inspirational theme. All entries MUST include a hand-colored, stamped image, though it does not need to be a MayzyArt image.  Stamped images can be digital, physical or hand-drawn but must be a central focus of the card.

-You may enter as many times as you would like, but please only enter with new cards created and posted during the contest time frame. 

- In order to enter, post a link to your blog post featuring the project.  Please be sure that you list on that post that you wish to enter the project into the MayzyArt Challenge.

- There will be two winners of the MayzyArt Challenge!  The first winner will be drawn at random from all entrants.  That winner will receive an $8 discount code for mayzyart.com.  The second winner will be chosen only from those entrants that used a MayzyArt stamp in their project.  It will be selected specifically by Mayzy and will be featured for the following two weeks on this blog.  That winner will also receive a $15 discount code for mayzyart.com!

- Entries must be received by Friday, June 21st.  The winner will be announced on June 22nd.